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Are you facing the heart-breaking circumstances of planning a funeral in Voorheesville, NY? It can be a challenge to work through the grief. At the same time, many families want to plan an event that will celebrate the life of the person they have lost.

Whether you are planning a funeral for a future date or you need immediate services, McVeigh Funeral Home is here to offer the assistance that you need. We provide the support that you need to decide on the details of the day. Not only do we provide a listening ear, but we can guide you through the difficult decisions that lie ahead.

Full-Service Funeral Home

If you are planning a funeral, then you shouldn’t be stuck in the small details of the event. Instead, you need to choose a full-service funeral home to handle these details. By handing the responsibility to a professional team, you can dedicate your attention and focus to your family instead. There is no reason that you need to be stressed about the logistics of the day!

Talk to us at McVeigh Funeral Home to discuss your wishes and put together a plan. Then, we will handle all of the behind-the-scenes work to ensure that the funeral matches your desires. During this discussion, we will talk about the wishes of the deceased, as well as the needs of the family. It is a delicate process to plan a life tribute to someone. So, we will listen closely and ask the right questions to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Our full-service funeral home can handle everything that you might need:

  • Viewing or visitation
  • Transportation
  • Graveside services
  • Funeral program
  • Flowers and d├ęcor
  • Casket or urn
  • Cemetery location
  • Memorial service
  • Veteran’s services
  • Life tribute
  • Pre-planning
  • And more!

As you learn more about our company, you will see that we offer more than basic funeral services. We will cater the plan to match your custom requests. We can provide any unique funeral service that you can imagine.

Tradition or Unique Services?

Is it better for your family to stick with a traditional funeral? Or, are you looking for a way to break the mold and plan a unique funeral? There are many advantages to both options. The best thing that you can do is consider the needs of your family when designing a funeral.

A traditional process of visitation, funeral, and graveside service can be beneficial because it is familiar to friends and family. People know what to expect, and they often find the tradition a comfortable way to offer their final goodbyes.

On the other hand, a unique funeral plan might be a good way to honor the life of the person that was lost. You can decide on the details that will make the event unique. Some people want something that is out of the ordinary, such as a sports-themed tailgate party or a meal with the person’s favorite foods. Other options might include a poker event or card games.

Or, you might mesh the traditions of a standard funeral with a few unique twists. For example, you might choose to have balloons, butterflies, or doves released at the end of the graveside service. We can support anything that you need. So, talk to our team about the options that are available.

Plan Ahead to Reduce the Stress on Your Family

Have you thought about the burden that your family will bear when they need to plan a funeral for you? It can be a stressful experience for families to work through the many details. Not only are they working through the grief and loss, but they also need to manage the financial burden of planning a funeral.

If you don’t want to leave these stressful experiences on your family, then you should consider the benefits of pre-planning. You can choose the services that match your preferences. Plus, you can be happy to know that your family can enjoy the day without worrying about the details.

Planned funeral services are important if you know that a funeral will be happening soon. Or, you can choose these details in advance, in case something happens unexpectedly. Having a funeral plan in place will give you the peace of mind that your wishes will be known and respected after you are gone.

The Funeral Experts in Voorheesville, NY

If you need to plan a funeral, then talk to the experts in the area: McVeigh Funeral Home. We have worked hard to build a solid reputation in the industry. You are welcome to call us anytime if you have questions about the options that are offered. We have a beautiful funeral home located at 208 North Allen St, Albany, NY 12206. Call anytime to schedule a consultation so that you can learn more: (518) 489-0188