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Do you want to plan a unique funeral? Many people love the idea of celebrating the life of the person, rather than focusing on the loss and grief of the day. Instead of sticking with the traditional pattern of a visitation, funeral, and graveside service, consider the benefits of a custom funeral in East Greenbush, NY.

At McVeigh Funeral Home, we understand the unique needs of your family during this difficult time. We know that you are working through the grief of losing someone that you love. At the same time, it can be a heavy responsibility to plan a funeral for that person. We can handle the details, giving you the opportunity to focus on your family members during this experience.

Our custom funeral services can be catered in any way that will match the needs and desires of your family. You are welcome to schedule a consultation with us to learn more about the ways that we can help with these things.

Grief and Celebration at a Funeral

A funeral is about honoring the life of someone that you have lost. Many people expect that they will be able to attend an event to pay their respects. It can be a sad time, which is why we offer grief support to help your family.

At the same time, a funeral can also be an experience where you can celebrate the life and successes of the person. As family and friends gather together, it is appropriate to share memories and stories of the experiences that they shared with the deceased. This opportunity helps to bond the survivors and creating lasting memories.

When you are planning the funeral, you need to consider the mood that you would like to set during the event. Some people find it comforting to stick with a traditional funeral. They want to maintain the family or religious traditions, with common activities around the event. On the other hand, other families want to think outside the box when planning a funeral. Instead of a standard visitation, funeral, and graveside service, personality and unique details can be infused into the plan.

A Listing Ear and Supportive Funeral Home

What will be the best plan for your family? Our team at McVeigh Funeral Home is here to offer the listening ear that you need when you are planning a funeral. We want to hear about your desires and preferences. Then, we will design the plan that will match your needs.

We specialize in custom funeral services that will honor the life of your family member. We recognize the importance of this event, which is why we work hard to pay attention to the details and offer the support that you need. Whether you want a traditional funeral or something unique, we are here to help.

Creating a Memorable Funeral Service

Paying attention to the details is an important thing when you are planning a funeral. We offer all types of custom services that will create a memorable experience for everyone in attendance. For example, we can arrange to have balloons, doves, or butterflies released at the end of the service. Or, we can help you choose small keepsake gifts to send with attendees, such as wildflower seeds or a small stuffed animal.

Other requests are focused on the hobbies and preferences of the deceased. Sports memorabilia can be used to decorate the event. Or, we can plan activities such as a meal, card games, or anything else that the family will enjoy together.

We ask the questions that help you identify the wishes of the deceased, and then we will work together to design a plan that will celebrate their life. These important decisions provide information for our team so that we can plan a day that will match the preferences of your family.

Pre-Planning a Funeral for Yourself

Whether you have a short time left to live, or you are in perfect health, pre-planning can be a great thing to do. Pre-planning means that you can choose the details of the funeral while you are alive. Then, your family won’t have to guess about your wishes when it is time to plan the funeral.

You can talk to our team for guidance on this process. We will ensure that your wishes are respected after you are gone. We know that planning will reduce the stress and financial burden on your family, and we are here to help with this process.

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