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McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. is one of the oldest family-owned funeral homes in Albany, NY. We provide fast, efficient funeral services that are focused on the small details to make it a memorable day. Additionally, you will have access to grief support and the caring, listening ear that you need when you are arranging the details.

Our firm has been the focus of four generations of the McVeigh family. The hallmark of our firm has been growing, but in and of itself that is not remarkable. What is worthy of comment is that we have managed this tremendous growth over 150 years without losing sight of our firm’s foundations of professionalism and personal service. McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. was designed to be unlike any funeral home you've ever seen; it's truly a one-of-a-kind place. Please contact us about any of our services or to meet with one of our funeral service professionals. You may contact our general office at (518) 489-0188.

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It can be an overwhelming task to plan a funeral for someone that you love. You want it to be a special day to share with friends and family. At the same time, it is common for people to be worried about the expense of the event. Here at McVeigh funeral home, we are working to provide the best services that are catered to the needs of your family. We are more than a basic funeral home in Albany, NY. Our team offers custom services to create a memorable funeral that pays tribute to the deceased.

Celebrate Your Loved One in a Unique Way

We see the benefits of planning a personalized funeral. So, our goal is to cater the services to match the needs of your family. Instead of offering cookie-cutter answers for every person, we suggest that you explore the options to choose the best solutions for your needs.

A memorial or funeral service is the final opportunity for family and friends to say goodbye. So, you need to plan an event that displays the personality of the person who has been lost. We will listen to your wishes and create the perfect event that celebrates the life of your loved one.

This loving event is an opportunity to celebrate their life. A funeral isn’t just a sad event; it is a time when you can remember the relationship that was shared. Use this time to honor the memory of the people that are close to you.

Honoring Life in a Personalized Way

What are the options to personalize the funeral service? There are many things that you might consider. Here are some of the unique options that we offer to your family:

  • Traditional Services: Some people find comfort in maintaining a traditional plan for a funeral. We can assist with the family rituals and rites, both religious and traditional offerings. This traditional funeral is often planned with a visitation before the funeral and a graveside service after the event.
  • Veterans Memorial: Did the deceased serve our country? Then, consider the benefits of a patriotic tribute to honor the veteran. This option can include a flag presentation, 21-rifle salute, a ceremony at the graveside, as well as the traditional taps song.
  • Simple Memorial: Are you choosing a cremation and you want to have a basic memorial for friends and family to come together? It doesn’t matter if you are planning a cemetery burial or a scattering of the ashes. A memorial can be catered to match the desires of your family to support the healing process.
  • Sharing a Meal: If the deceased was a food connoisseur, consider planning a relaxed environment with the food that they loved. This meal will be prepared with love, offering a comfortable environment for the family to break bread and share memories.
  • Last Ride: Was the person passionate about their vehicle? Whether they enjoyed cruising the roads on a motorcycle or they served the area on a fire truck, we can arrange the last ride as part of the funeral services.
  • Home Event: There’s nothing better than sharing time a home with the people that you love. We can assist with a memorial or small funeral at home. Some families prefer the comfort of a private garden and an intimate gathering to say goodbye.
  • Sports Fans: Bring the energy and excitement of the big game into the celebration. The event can be planned with memorabilia and reminders of the person’s favorite team. Consider it a tailgate party to say goodbye to a family member.

We offer many other options that you might consider to pay tribute to the person you have lost. For example, you might stage a card party in their honor, create an underwater memorial, send the ashes to space, or send guests home with a keepsake. If you dream it, we can make it happen! So, we encourage families to plan something unique to offer an appropriate tribute to say goodbye.

Full-Service Funeral Home

Whether you are looking for an elaborate funeral or you want a simple memorial, our team is here to help. We offer the support that you need during this challenging time. We provide fast, efficient funeral services that are focused on the small details to make it a memorable day. Additionally, you will have access to grief support and the caring, listening ear that you need when you are arranging the details.

We can also provide advanced planning services if you know that you will need to have a funeral in the future. Arrange the details right now so that you don’t leave the burden on your family.

Do you need support for an upcoming funeral plan? Talk to us at McVeigh Funeral Home to learn more about the options that are available. We are located at 208 North Allen St, Albany, NY 12206. Call to learn more about how we can help: (518) 489-0188

Funeral & Cremation FAQ’s

What is a basic funeral?

A straightforward funeral is a less expensive, no-frills alternative to a conventional funeral. While traditional funerals contain many of the standard services you would expect a funeral director to provide, simple funerals leave out the less important services and provide the most important ones in a less expensive format. Learn more.

What is the least expensive way to have a funeral?

The least expensive choice for a funeral home is a direct burial, in which the body is buried shortly after death with no embalming or visitation. Learn more.

How do you honor someone at a funeral?

Make a list of the personality traits that you can remember the most. Talk with family and friends, collecting stories and memories that tell a life story in the most memorable ways. Remember that it doesn't matter why this person was significant to the rest of the world; it matters why he or she was significant to you, your family, and close friends. Learn more.