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Are you planning a cremation for someone that you love? It can be a difficult situation to say goodbye. But, these funeral and cremation services can provide a place where you can offer your final respects and share memories with family members. The best thing that you can do is find a trusted funeral home in Voorheesville, NY. An experienced team will guide your decisions and help you choose the plan that matches the needs of your family.

Here a McVeigh Funeral Homes, we are dedicated to the needs of your family. We understand that a funeral can be an important time to remember the person that you have lost. So, we will pay attention to the details and help you design an event that will support the needs of your family.

As you are planning the cremation or funeral, several things need to be considered:

Elaborate Event or Basic Cremation?

Will it be better to keep things simple with a basics cremation? Or, do you want to create a big event for everyone to attend? These details are based on the preferences of your family and the traditions that you would like to maintain.

Some people prefer to have the comfort of a traditional funeral. So, they might schedule a viewing and funeral before the cremation is done. Or, the cremation might be completed before the funeral, with the ashes on display in an urn during the gathering.

Another option is to keep it simple with a small gathering of close family and friends. You can meet at your home or any other location of your choice. It can be a simple memorial or a meal to share the favorite foods that the deceased enjoyed.

You don’t have to plan a gathering or formal event if it doesn’t match the wishes of the deceased. Sometimes, it makes sense to schedule a basic cremation. Then, the family can pay their respects with a small urn that contains a portion of the ashes.

There are pros and cons to a small gathering and a big funeral. It can be memorable to have everyone together in one place to remember the person who is gone. But, some people find that it is too stressful to work through the logistics of planning this event.

Where Will the Person Be Laid to Rest?

You can choose a cemetery plot if you want to have the person buried with a headstone or memorial. Another option is to create a custom memorial in a mausoleum. These places provide a destination where people can visit at any time.

If you don’t like the idea of a cemetery and headstone, consider cremation services so that you can choose another final resting place. The ashes don’t have to be buried in a cemetery. Instead, you have the opportunity to choose the location that matches the desires of your family. Here are a few things that you might consider:

  • Memorial Garden: Scatter the ashes in a place where they can contribute to a beautiful garden area. Include a bench in the garden design so that you can sit and enjoy the surroundings as desired.
  • Vacation Destination: Did the person enjoy traveling? Pick their favorite vacation destination to scatter the ashes.
  • Underwater Memorial: If the deceased enjoyed spending time in the ocean, then you might arrange to have an underwater memorial created. The ashes can help with the design of a new reef.
  • Space Travel: Send the person to space after the cremation. We can discuss the opportunity to return the ashes to the stars.
  • In-Home Memorial: If you want to keep the person close, then you might store the ashes in a memorial urn that is kept in your home. There is no reason to scatter the ashes if it doesn’t match the desires of your family.

There are many possibilities for you to consider if you are planning a funeral. If you need help choosing a final resting place, then you are welcome to talk to our team for more information.

Pre-Planning Your Cremation

If you want to be cremated, then you might schedule a pre-planning appointment. You can talk to our team to make your needs known. Then, we will ensure that the details are handled according to your preferences.

Pre-planning will reduce the stress on your family after you are gone. You won’t need to worry about leaving them with the financial burden. This plan will eliminate the need for them to plan a big funeral.

If you need more information about cremation services in Voorheesville, NY, then you are invited to call us today. At McVeigh Funeral Home, we are working hard to provide the best services in the area. Visit our location at 208 North Allen St, Albany, NY 12206. Or call to schedule a consultation: (518) 489-0188