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If you want to plan a unique funeral, then you might consider the option to have cremation services instead of a traditional burial. Here at McVeigh Funeral Home, we are dedicated to the unique preferences of each family. We are working hard to provide the best services in Colonie, NY and the surrounding areas.

Our team knows that most people don’t want a cookie-cutter funeral. Instead, each service can be customized to highlight the personality and successes of the deceased. We will guide you in these decisions, helping you choose the services that match the needs of your family.

What to Expect with Cremation

What should you expect if you choose cremation? It is common for questions to come up with this service. Feel free to talk to our team any time to learn more about how your family can benefit by choosing cremation.

Just because the body will be cremated, doesn’t mean that you can’t plan a funeral or viewing. Cremation is simply the way the body is broken down after death. It doesn’t have anything to do with the funeral or memorial services that you want to plan for family and friends.

It is common for people to have a viewing and a funeral before the cremation. Or, the cremation can be done first, and then the ashes can be displayed in an urn at the funeral or memorial. You can choose the type of urn that should be used for storing the ashes. Or, they can be kept in a temporary container until the ashes are scattered in the location of your choice.

Final Resting Place for Your Loved One

Where should the ashes be kept after the funeral or memorial is done? You have the freedom to choose the final resting place. Since the body was cremated, you aren’t limited to a cemetery. Although, many families choose to bury the ashes in the family plot, or create a memorial in a mausoleum. If you want a place to visit with a gravestone or memorial, then a cemetery might be a great option for the ashes.

On the other hand, you might choose a different way to store the ashes. Some families like the comfort of having the urn at home, as a reminder of the happy memories that were shared together. These ashes can be kept in one urn, or divided into smaller urns to be distributed among family members.

Other options for cremated remains include scattering the ashes or making a memorial garden. For example, the ashes can be scattered in a small garden, so that you think of the person every time you see the flowers that are growing. Or, the ashes can be used to create an underwater memorial where a new coral reef can grow.

Consider the desires of the person that you love so that you can plan a scattering location that matches their desires. Some people want their ashes to be placed in a favorite family destination, or spread in the mountains where they enjoyed spending the weekends.

Plan-Ahead Cremation Options

If you want to be cremated, then you might consider the benefits of planning your services. Family members might not know that cremation is your preference, so they will bear the burden of trying to make these difficult decisions after you are gone.

Instead of leaving the responsibility on the people that you love, consider the benefits of pre-planning your funeral arrangements. You are welcome to talk to our team at any time to discuss the options that are available. We will put together a cremation or funeral to match your needs, ensuring that your wishes are met when your funeral is scheduled.

Pre-planning can be done if you know that you are nearing the end of your life. Or, you might consider the option to plan while in good health, in case something unexpected happens. There will never be a question about whether your family is going to know your wishes after you are gone.

Customizing Cremations or Funeral Services

There is no reason that you need to stick with standard funeral services. Customization options can create an opportunity for family members to share a life celebration, instead of having a bland funeral. These customizations can include anything that you desire, such as decorations, food, a party, or another type of event.

Funeral customizations are the perfect way to honor the person that you lost. These details are designed to create a personalized event where family and friends can share memories and pay their respects.

If you would like more information about cremation services or funeral planning in Colonie, NY, then we are here to assist. Visit us at McVeigh Funeral Home at 208 North Allen St, Albany, NY 12206. Or, call to schedule a consultation for details about our services: (518) 489-0188