Cremation Services in Albany, NY 

Are you considering the option to plan a cremation instead of a traditional burial? Just because you choose cremation, doesn’t mean that your funeral options will be limited. In fact, many families find that cremation services open up their choices for the funeral plan.

It is important that you consider the needs of the family before you rush into the decision. Also, think about the desires of the deceased. If they requested cremation or a specific type of funeral, then you can honor their memory by respecting their wishes.

Here at McVeigh Funeral Home, we offer a variety of funeral and cremation services. We know that every person is unique. So, we strive to provide personalized solutions for every funeral. We will listen to your needs and offer custom recommendations based on your preferences.

Traditional Funeral with Cremation

People often wonder if they can plan traditional funeral activities if they have a cremation. Can you schedule a visitation or graveside service if the body is cremated? Yes! Cremation is simply the process of how the body is broken down after death. You have the freedom to choose the memorial services or family gathering that will be best for your loved ones.

Some people choose to have the traditional visitation, funeral, and graveside services. Then, the cremated ashes are buried in an urn in the family cemetery plot. Or, a permanent memorial can be used in a mausoleum or at the cemetery.

Or, you can plan a unique gathering, such as a memorial after the cremation to scatter the ashes. There isn’t a right or wrong answer. So, you need to put together a plan that will match the needs of your family. When you're making the decision about what to do with your loved one's remains, it's important to consider all of your options. Cremation is a popular choice these days, and for good reason. It can be less expensive than a traditional burial, and it's more flexible in terms of where you can scatter or bury the ashes. But did you know that Albany, NY also has some of the most beautiful urn gardens in the country?

Basic Cremation

Another option is to keep it simple by choosing a basic cremation. Some people request the simplicity of a cremation without the fanfare of a big gathering. They want to minimize costs and the responsibilities of planning a funeral. These basic plans are available if you prefer to keep things simple.

You have the flexibility to choose any plans that will match the needs of your family. Our team at McVeigh Funeral Home will discuss your preferences, and then ensure that everything matches your desires. We put together a funeral or cremation plan that is based on your wishes.

Plan Your Cremation in Advance

Do you want to be cremated after you are gone? If this is your wish, then you might consider the option to talk to our team about pre-planning services. Family members might not understand your desires for your funeral or cremation. So, you can be clear about your preferences with these pre-planning options.

Our team will talk to you about the many services that you can choose. We will discuss your preferences and write everything down to ensure that we don’t miss any details. When it is time to plan the funeral, your family won’t need to go through the stressful experience of trying to figure out what you want.

Memorial or Life Celebration

One option that you might consider is planning a life celebration after the cremation is complete. Some people prefer to avoid the terms “funeral” or “memorial” because they feel like these words set the wrong tone for the gathering. Instead of planning a grim, sad event, look for ways that you can celebrate the life of the person that was lost.

Did the person enjoy spending time in the mountains? Then schedule a gathering in a field where family members can scatter the ashes together. Was the person drawn to the ocean? Then you might have an underwater memorial created where the ashes can become part of a new reef. Or, travel together to your favorite vacation destination so that the ashes can be spread in a place with many memories.

A life celebration means that you can share positive memories and celebrate the successes that the person experienced during their time on this planet. If you plan a program, look for ways where you can show happy pictures and memories when the person was fulfilling their purpose in life.

Honoring Your Loved One

Regardless of the type of cremation or funeral that you choose, you can honor the life of the person in the way the event is planned. This experience provides a place where friends and family can gather to pay their respects and share time together with the survivors.

Whether you are planning a funeral or cremation service, we are here to help. Our caring team at McVeigh Funeral Home will offer the support that you need every step of the way. Visit our funeral home to learn more: 208 North Allen St, Albany, NY 12206. Or, call if you have questions about planning a cremation and funeral: (518) 489-0188

Funeral & Cremation FAQ’s

Do all veterans get a military funeral?

All eligible veterans are entitled to military funeral honors as a token of America's appreciation for their valiant service. Learn more.

What are the 7 stages of grief after a death?

  • Shock and denial. This is a state of disbelief and numbed feelings.
  • Pain and guilt.
  • Anger and bargaining.
  • Depression.
  • The upward turn.
  • Reconstruction and working through.
  • Acceptance and hope.
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What is the proper way to write an obituary?

  • Declare the death. Begin the obituary by announcing the death of a loved one.
  • Give your general biographical information.
  • Make it your own.
  • A list of family members.
  • Information on funerals
  • Check for errors.
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